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                                ESCAPE THE CARWASH: A PLATFORMER

You are a cat that has found themselves in a car wash. You must jump on the cars to get out of the car-wash (reach the end of the level) before the timer runs out

Avoid the car-washing people as much as possible to escape the car-wash!

   Player Instructions: 

1. Press the a or A key to move backwards 

2. Press the d or D to move forward 

3. hover over reset button to reset

*Gravity mechanics stopped functioning when i fixed the win screen problem i'm still working on this problem, i don't know why this is happening*

Game functions;

1. a win screen displays when player reaches end of level

2. a lose screen display when time runs out

3. image arrays

4. a player class and a wrench class


escape the carwash.zip 146 MB


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(1 edit)

Your gravity seems to be working, but your floor is hardcoded to 390-dia/2. You could change the floor if the player's y is above the platforms and within the x range of either one.